Stories in Photography

My current project in year 2 of my UCA Farnham photography degree with the unit being focused on narratives and their constant appearance in photos. I am just beginning to note down a few ideas and want to think about how narrative can be structured in different ways....linear, random,  with repetition or without an ending.  Also how it can be boxed in different packages...theoretical, poetic, in the form of a diary, fictional in a book etc

Here are a few interesting examples of narratives in different forms...


This is an image from an interesting series by Martha Rosler called ''The Bowery in two inadequate  descriptive systems'' This series looks at the relationship between photos and text in terms of framing narrative. I find it quite interesting although initially it i hard to piece together the relationship between text and image with the photo just a New york street but it s quite a clever way and random way to question the way people associated certain words with the homeless living in the Bowery in New York. I like the way it kinda leaves you to figure out the text and image.