Narrative Ideas

Just gonna get some the thought's about narrative and how it could be experimented with in photos...

One interesting aspect of this I like is how everyday scenes could be subtlety altered to create visually engaging photos.

I have briefly looked at the work of Gabriel Orozco as he distorts everyday items, he is quite a conceptual photographer in the way he focuses on space and place and makes subtle interventions in everyday scenes, really creating narratives in the image.

Some actual photos of his...


I may want to explore how things can be manipulated either in person, actually physical altering a scene or how digital manipulation, and how narratives can be created from this. I want to experiment more with how

I could use photoshop to manipulate thing's. I am still unsure of what my overall theme could be at the moment but maybe stereotypes could work if i try to alter things like Orozco?