Where My Project is Going

So after thinking I was going to develop the idea of seeing and image kinda through as screen with taking photos of the environment through a phone screen I have decided that the aesthetic of it may get quite repetitive and it may not portray a narrative very well. I was also told this in my tutorial recently and although I may experiment with using this repetition to form a narrative, could take images in this style but of photographic trends, taking photos of your food..instagram etc, things that are photographed so many times. However I think I am going to focus more on the idea of using sound to contrast the images you are seeing, and how the natural environment away from the urban environment can be a form of escape from the busyness of everyday life..time to reflect etc.

Here is an image from one of the shoots I did to get ideas...


So I may record the sound of the busy dual carriageway that is right next to the North Downs way entrance to contrast the images of natural environments. I think I am going to work towards a similar look to Paul Gaffney's images with subtle landscapes, maybe showing things in the natural environment you may not usually see. For this a medium format camera will probably work best, allowing me to slow thing down although I may try to have a go with large format as well.