Descriptive Camera

Was doing some online research yesterday and stumbled across something really interesting about how a guy called Matt Richardson who had an idea to develop a ''descriptive camera'' where instead of a photo you have a description of a scene instead. It uses crowd sourcing to allow people on the web to input the tet to an image, which the camera then prints out. I thought this could be an effective way to create narrative in a similar way to Martha Rosler's, ''Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems'' where the text informs the narrative of an otherwise seemingly ordinary and mundane scene. The text printed out from the descriptive camera leads you to imagine the scene without the photo, it could be interesting to experiment with using text that contrasts what you see in the image for my printed narrative. Here is a video of the camera in action...


This could be interesting in the future if technology is developed to produce descriptions of images without human intervention as there could be possibilities to archive our never-ending collective database of photos into groups in term's of what is actually being photographed.