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James is a recent graduate from BA (Hons) Photography at UCA Farnham and is currently based in Thatcham, Berkshire. His photography usually strives to uncover subtle nuances within the landscape in rural and urban environments. Exploration of unfamiliar environments is a key element in this process and the photograph's come from an immersion within the landscape.

He also channels a strong passion for music through photography, aiming to translate this into striking and inventive portraits of musicians.

Prints are available on request in various sizes, contact me for more info.


Landscape Stories






2016  Stigma, Newtown Chapel, Newbury

2015  > Emergence, Free Range, Truman Brewery, London

2015  > UCA Farnham Degree Show, Farnham

2014  > Fin, Farnham Museum

2014  > Obscurity, Farnham