North Downs Way, Farnham to Guildford 11/5/15

This is going to be the first of many photoblog's that hopefully can keep people interested updated on my photography, inspirations etc and all that jazz. Hope it's gonna be interesting and should be good for me to keep a record of different subjects I'm exploring/things i'm doing that could turn into future projects!

So a a few weeks or so ago me and a friend set out on another adventure across the North Downs Way, we walked from Farnham to Guildford but if your ambitious enough you can go on a pilgrimage all the way to Dover!

This is the third time walking this route in full and it was the basis for my project ''The Old Road that explored the traces left on this ancient route. 

Here is a selection of digital photos taken from this walk which may influence future projects based around the landscape as I've always mainly worked by just going out and taking photos and the ideas seem to come from there. Now that's enough words, let's have some photos...